Makeup VS Sleep: Ways To Look Young With Good Night Sleep

Good night sleep is necessary for your health and also, for your skin. We can say, “good night sleep can be the best option for pampering your skin.” The way we use makeup in our daily routine, it can harm our skin just like that, but a simple pleasant sleep can cure your skin and health issues. It is just like we take the spa in a parlour and spend a lot of money just to pamper our skin, feel relaxed. And we think that is the only way to look young.

Sleep, a Natural Primer


Sleep is like a natural primer to your skin, the way you use the primer to start your makeup, with sleep, your skin can glow naturally.
While you are sleeping, that time your body restore and repair itself at the cellular level. During sleep, a fleet of hormones that support cellular health AND a young appearance go to work. Sleep is like a keratine treatment for your hair, a spa, and a mani-pedi.

Cons of Poor Sleep

how to look young

Poor sleep, on the other hand, is very bad for your health and skin as usual. It accelerates biological ageing and contributes to the symptoms of ageing—wrinkles, dull skin, puffy, tired eyes, unhealthy hair, dark circles etc—that push people to waste lots and lots of money and also time on makeup and beauty routines.
I am not at all saying to trash your makeup kits and all. It’s just to spend more time in doing things naturally rather than doing things which you also know is a waste of money and time as well. Doing makeup and all is good, but we should not do it regularly! It can spoil our skin in an extremely bad way.
By taking a great sleep, it can help your body to perform well and you can stay active the whole day and this thing will definitely help you to feel young, look young.
Putting this thing aside, the basic things which we definitely not to do that and common signs of ageing that most of us want to address are mentioned in A great sleep makes our look younger.
I’d love to hear your views and tactics that you use to take care of your skin naturally in the comment section. 

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