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Our top-notch graphic design services are the perfect solution for all your design needs. From digital invitation cards to logo design much more! We offer a wide range of services to meet all your requirements. Let us help you bring your creative vision to life with our exceptional graphic design services.

Gust Of Life's Sister - Heena's Palette

Gust Of Life X Heena's Palette

Graphic Design Services

Gust Of Life X Heena's Palette

Heylo beautiful people! I'm Heena. If this is your first time stumbling upon my site, welcome! I’m so happy to have you here. Starting with the idea of Gust Of Life, it was driven by a passion for writing and uncovering the way of living, the LIFE.
Now, Gust Of Life is evolving and started providing amazing graphic design services as Heena’s Palette. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to customise your invitations with anything you want by just contacting us. You can send your text and also photos to make your invitations truly unique. Whether you're planning a wedding, a birthday party, a baby shower, or looking for a visiting card design, logo design - we got you covered!

Looking For Aesthetic Digital Invitations?

We are thrilled to offer you a wide range of beautiful and customisable digital invitations for all of life's special occasions.

Why Choose Our Evite?

User-Friendly Interface

Our website is designed to be easy to navigate and user-friendly, making it accessible to people of all ages and tech abilities.

Customisable Designs

We offer a wide range of customisable invitation templates to choose from, making it easy for you to find the perfect design that reflects the style and theme of your event.


Our digital invitations are a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper invitations, helping to reduce waste and save the planet.

How It Works?

Make A Choice

Choose your invitation design from our beautiful collection.

Event Creation

Once you have made your selection, preview the details of the invitation and proceed to add your billing details. After that, you will receive an email where you can add your own details such as names, date, venue, and any other message that you would like to include.

Voila! It's Ready

Once you have provided your details, you can sit back and relax while we create a stunning draft of your invitation video. Your evite will be delivered to your email after 2-4 business days.

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