Makeup VS Sleep: How Can We Say Sleep Makes Us Look Younger?

As we discussed the basic pros and cons of sleep over makeup. Now, we’ll gonna talk little bit in-depth that, how your skin can look younger and fresher when you take proper sleep and how things work. Putting aside the numbers of years we have spent on this planet, what we feel about our skin and health is the outcome of a host of  interrelated factors, including:

  • Heredity
  • Lifestyle 
  • Diet and exercise
  • Stress
  • Environment

Sleep makes a significant contribution to our biological ageing process. There are many more ways that a full, sound, high-quality night of rest delivers anti-ageing benefits and drives straight to a more vigorous, youthful, and healthful appearance.

Boost Cellular Growth

Sleep seems needed for our nervous systems to work properly.
Deep sleep also corresponds with the release of growth hormone in children and young adults. Many of the body’s cells also present increased production and reduced breakdown of proteins during deep sleep.
Since proteins are the building blocks needed for cell growth and the repair of damage from factors like stress and ultraviolet rays, deep sleep may truly be “beauty sleep”, says NINDS.
Sleep also Promotes:

Hydration, and the Healthy Distribution of Fluid

Sleep is important for your physical health, it helps to keep your body active and fresh. It also helps to keep the body hydrated and avoid excess fluid retention. These both are the main contributors to some of the most visible signs of fatigue and ageing.

Healthy Circulation, and Slower Arterial Ageing

Sleep is involved in healing and repairing your heart and blood vessels. Continuous sleep deficiency is connected to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and they also affect the ageing of the skin and hair. But sleeping well can lower the blood pressure, relax blood vessels and improve the flow of blood, brings nutrients—and a healthy colour—to the skin.

Lower Stress

As I said it controls the blood pressure so automatically it helps to lower the stress. Stress can increase the production of cortisol, boosts free radical cells, and reduces the body’s ability to repair itself, all of which contribute to the appearance of age. On the other hand, when we take full rest, it helps to keep the inflammation in check and can decrease the stress-related, age-accelerating cellular damage to the skin and throughout the body.
What do you do to keep your skin healthier, fresher and younger? What are your views on having proper sleep and bad sleep? Share your views in the comment section I would love to hear.

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