Online Shopping Tips That Save Your Money

Let’s talk about online shopping and saving money at the same time- two basic things we all enjoy doing! Nowadays, Online Shopping has become such a convenient way for us to buy or purchase the things that we love. And what’s even better is the great apps that help us to get the most out of our money. Also, it has caught on in a big way, especially with offers on festive sales several times during the year. With yet another sale coming up soon, here are some online shopping tips that save your money.

Make a List and Compare

Make a proper shopping list that will help to save your time. Decide in advance what you want to buy. After that, search on the bar and take advantage of the best offers that pop up.

Once you are done with a shortlisting of your products that you want to buy, then start with comparing the price mention on other sites which sells the same. In the market place model, a particular seller may offer the cheapest price but it is also important to check the credibility of a seller. Most of the sellers are nowadays finding out the innovative ideas to keep their listing on top of price comparison sites i.e. offering at the cheapest rates.

A few days back, I was planning to buy an AC which comes in the price range of 28,000 to 35,000 and the same was available at the cost of 25,000 on different reputed e-commerce site. Then I observed there was a shipping cost that was 500. Therefore, the total cost came up to 29,000.

The data is not updated regularly, and this is the main issue of many price comparison sites. And yes, most of the sites are correlated with e-commerce players. 

Discount on High Cost Shopping

Now what most of the eCommerce sites do is, they offer a huge discount on a particularly given price range. For example, they offer a 40% discount on the shopping range of more than 15,000 bucks. And the number of people drift away in their strategies, by this they easily get huge profits. What you can do on this point is, use analytic thinking. 

Credit Card Offers and Cash Backs

You should be holding a credit card of the bank while shopping which has partnerships with your preferred shopping website because your bank may have a great ongoing offer for you during a certain period, or above a particular amount per transaction. The offers are in the form of cashback, discount, shopping voucher, movie tickets, a bonus of reward points and many more.

Go through the Reviews of the Product

While shopping, checking the reviews of your preferred products are important because it will help you a lot. It is also largely subjective as what goes for someone else could be a deal-breaker for you or the other way round. Also, there are many fake reviews of the product on some shopping sites. So it’s up to you, you have to read through the reviews and check whether they are valid or not. You can compare the reviews on other websites also that publish reviews, online to get an overall, unbiased review of the product.

Hope you found these tips useful to save your money. Also, check smart money saving tips in your 20’s. Do share your views in the comment section and please tell if you have any other online shopping tips.

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